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Tips For Owners

When writing your vacation rental listing you want it to stand out and have as much information as possible so that it will target your renter. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a great ad. Here are some pointers to help you best take advantage of your listing on

The Headline

The headline is the most important piece of text. People browsing the site will see this first. And search engines often put special emphasis on the headline of a document. It’s crucial that you spend some time thinking about the 5 to 10 words you are going to put here. You want it to above all be attention grabbing. Think about the following example:

Cabin in BC For Rent

Luxury Cabin with HotTub & HDTV in Beautiful BC

You see how the second one sales it a little more. That is what you want to do. Find the best or most unique feature(s) of your cabin and put it in the title. If you are having trouble with this, just ask yourself the question:

What makes my property unique or remarkable? If it’s small and by the water then that could be a huge plus for renters. You might want to try something like:

Cozy Cabin On Shore of Quiet Lake

Get my drift? If you can come up with a good headline or title, sometimes the rest will write itself and often if you have the best headline you will get the most views.

The Property Description

This is where you hit them with the details. You want to give the renter as much information as possible. This will give them a clear picture of what they are getting themselves into.

Does your cabin have a porch, cable TV, an awesome kitchen and a view of the mountains? Is it close to the grocery store, beach or park? You will also want to put in what type of activities you can do in the area. Are their night time festivals? Is the fishing particulary nice?

If you have alot of information here you may want to divide it up into subcategories. Also you will want to be clear about the size and type of home it is. You don’t want to mislead people

The Property Images

Make sure you upload a few pics of your home. Take them with a decent camera and take shots of the best feature of your property. After all a picture says a thousand words.